A equally elevating and grounding approach to life and change: always, always stay curious. Always experiment, always create, always make the tough decisions - because comfort zones and neutrality don't often lead to an inspired life, they don't often lead you to where the world needs you to go. : Puffed Amaranth Squares
 I always do feel the most at home in dense forest landscapes. Though we often feel as if our generation will not witness the impacts of climate change, if you or someone you know has experienced the loss of the wilderness having grown up surrounded by, there may be a stronger connection and sense of urgency felt in the protection of our forests from the environmental crisis.
 Utilizing the first (somewhat) chilly evening for indoor productivity fueled by a new love, mushroom coffee. Daydreaming of fall and learning to forage so we can brew up our own potions
 Ending this long weekend feeling so very grateful, and just a wee bit sunburnt. - Fun fact No. 1 | There's a unique form of nourishment that comes from spending time with your people, enjoying some cold brews in the sunshine. - Fun fact No. 2 | You can greatly cut down on your brews environmental footprint by opting for a refillable growler from your favorite local brewery #cheerstothat
 Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Feeling the most grateful for this beautiful place we call home. Hope your long weekend is spent with gratitude and exploration of your favorite outdoor destinations ↟
 Basking in early morning Canadian sunrises, enjoying a breakfast dripping in the best of clichés. Maple Buckwheat Pancakes now up on the blog  #canada150