Stumbling on @cabinporn books that read in my heart like romance novels.
 The smell of early morning wilderness, propane flames and fresh ground coffee always will smell like the early mornings of childhood camping trips. - To my parents, if you ever do find me chained to a tree supporting some wild cause, you only have yourselves to blame, as this is the place you raised us to respect and appreciate deeply.
 September 22nd marks the first day of fall, and the launch of Wildwoods Nutrition's first eBook, Fall 2017 Issue "Food philosophies for environmentalists." - Every minute spent working, writing, creating, and capturing in pursuit of inspiring the preservation of our most treasured wilderness destinations. Can barely wait to share the tastes of fall and simple food philosophies for a sustainable future.
 Small learnings from being forgetful ... it forces you to be creative with what you have, helps you understand most things as being multi purposeful, and shows you, in actuality, you don't need much to accomplish the most important things in life.
 Reminiscing of slow cabin mornings, and the smell of cinnamon, maple and fresh ground coffee.
 The anticipation for cooler weather, though arguably taboo, is at an all time high. It's not so much a distain for sunshine, but rather than thinking of suntans and beach days, it's changes in weather patterns, record breaking heat waves, and extreme forest fires that are the undercurrent thoughts when stepping outside to the sweltering sun. Looking forward to bundling up for much needed rain, and chilly misty mountain hiking trails.