Why would you allow any day of your week be actively dreaded? #mondays. . | @nourishbytash
 "Black coffee is a synecdoche for life: when you eliminate the excess—when you deliberately avoid life’s empty calories—what remains is exponentially more delicious, more enjoyable, more worthwhile. It might be a bitter shock at first; but, much like coffee, a meaningful life is an acquired taste. Sip slowly and enjoy." - @theminimalists
 Embracing all the ways to sneak the green stuff into every meal I can get away with. Big thank you to @ashley_raynor for the most beautiful fresh garden greens
 Surround yourself with people who will wake at 3:30 to have their morning cup mountain top, at sunrise ↟↟ #sunriseadventures
 Spiced English Breakfast Vegan French Toast made with @wildfirebakery 's lavender walnut bread, topped with Cherry Chia Compote . . . Happy Sunday - do something wild today ↟
 Black Cherry & Beet Cheesecake Smoothie. This is heavenly, loaded with antioxidants and HEALTHY sugars. Treating yourself doesn't mean cheat with "food-like" substances. Indulge often in things that will nourish your taste buds, your body, and your planet. - > juice & zest from one lemon > 1c of frozen black cherries > 1 banana > shredded beet (1/4 to 1/2 cup depending on desired taste) > 1/3c cashews > 1c almond mylk > optional maple syrup to taste - In a high speed blender, process until smooth.