Truly and deeply inspired by @wthfilm. If you haven't seen it I deeply encourage you to do so. It really speaks to the industry ties in food marketing and studies funded by said industries to instill confusion in consumers. The truth about eggs inspired me this morning to create a savory Chickpea Scramble - for anyone still struggling to give up those morning freshly cracked ✌
 Cheers to an amazing night talking about all things plant-based. Over the moon happy to have had the opportunity to share with the world the thing I'm most passionate about. Thank you to everyone who helped out, to @lululemon /@vicsweatcrew for putting on this event, to everyone who donated to @thehappyherd and special thank you to @cultured_kombucha for donating this outrageously delicious booch for the event. XO . . | @being.hartley ❤
 New Recipe: Rustic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. These soft & sweet oil free, gluten free, processed sugar free cookies would look GREAT on your next wilderness adventure - alongside thermos coffee and poor directional skills, that only the best of adventurers possess.
 Couldn't be more excited to be doing my first nutrition talk in the beautiful space of @oqstories Victoria, and in collaboration with the one and only @vicsweatcrew ❤ . . This talk is something I'm the most passionate about - creating clarity on how to make a healthful transition to a plant-based diet, & how to powerfully set up your plate with plants! The event is taking place April 20th, at 6:30 pm. Recommended donation of $5 and 100% goes to @thehappyherd. Seats are limited! Link to tickets in my bio : @kayleemwallis
 Maybe you have a goal to change the world. Or maybe you have a goal to simply bake the best oatmeal raisin cookies. Or maybe, you have a goal to change the world by showing people that you can eat a sustainable, compassionate healthy, plant-based diet and still eat all the oatmeal raisin cookies. Recipe pending... ✌
 It's not that complicated, vegetables complement other vegetables, and peanut dressing complements all things